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One Day She Meets A Stray Cat. It Follows Her Everywhere And Won’t Leave Her Alone?

Cristina had been feeding a stray cat named Aysha quite regularly. Taking food to her on the street, generally just visiting to make sure she was OK. But one day while visiting Aysha, something strange happened.

Cristina who now lives in Spain used to live Romania. While living there back in 2010, something beautiful happened that changed her life in a way no one expected, least of all Cristina. It starts when one day she meets a stray cat. Not only would this change her life, it would also change the life of the stray cat she starts to feed. She named her Aysha.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Cristina had been feeding Aysha quite regularly when one day she went to Aysha’s street to check up on her. Right from the get-go things did not go as they usually do?

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Instead of standing back and keeping her distance, Aysha followed Cristina around and would not leave her alone. This had never happened before, in the past, Cristina could not even approach Aysha, let alone get near her.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Soon she noticed the size of Aysha’s belly and knew there could only be one reason

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