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A Self-Proclaimed Cat Hater, Quite By Accident He Met A Kitten! It Turned Out To Be The Best Drunken Decision He Had Ever Made!

A self-proclaimed cat hater, stress, nightmares, and PTSD forced him to do something he would otherwise never have done.

Imgur user Takabaka had always thought of himself as someone who was a cat hater. If he had not been diagnosed with PTSD associated with his career as a paramedic and firefighter, that is the way it may have remained.

Image Source: TakaBaka via Imgur

The residual trauma of his chosen profession had begun to wreak havoc on his life. After witnessing the terrible things that can happen to people, he had begun to have nightmares.

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Along with sleep deprivation had come ruined relationships and an inability to cope with everyday life.

Image Source: TakaBaka via Imgur

This eventually led to drinking, anything to cover up his mental turmoil. It was at a party that one of his friends offered him a kitten. He didn’t know it at the time but his life was about to change in a big way.

“Hey, my friend has kittens, they’re free! You should take one,” he recalled his friend saying.

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