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Dazed And Confused She Was Meowing For Help! When He Went To Aid Her She Was Gone!

A staff member found her behind the dealership, she had a tin can stuck to her head and was very confused, meowing for help!

He quickly came to her aid, freeing her, still appearing like a slightly confused cat, she then quickly walked off. The staff member told Brian Sheppard, the dealership manager what had happened. An animal lover, Brian quickly went outside to find help her in any way he could, but she was gone. However, around closing time, she reappeared.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Sheppard

Right away Brian noticed how skinny she was, not quite skin and bone but close to it. We went back inside and got some leftovers from lunch and began feeding the hungry cat pieces of chicken. She took every piece right out of his hand.

Brian assumed she must belong to someone living close by. Two days later she was again sitting outside his door. He went straight to a local store, buying her a bed, food and kitty litter. As she tucked into her meal Brian noticed she was a nursing Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Sheppard

Right away he knew he would not be able to keep her in his office as she had babies to feed nearby. So he made a shelter for her outside, placing a bed inside. Hoping she might return with her kittens.

He gave her the name Sophie, soon she was making regular visits for cuddles and lap time.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Sheppard

It was not too long after, that Brian saw where Sophie lived. Near the dealership, up a dirt driveway, he saw her sitting outside her home. She still came to see him on a daily basis though, eating, sleeping and cuddling.

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This was the only bed this stray kitten had ever known.

After her owner passed away she was passed around the family like a sack of potatoes!

She took to the bed he had made for her, sleeping under his desk when he was busy with customers.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Sheppard

Around late November, Brian went to the house across the dirt driveway and asked about Sophie. That’s when he saw her two kittens.

When he offered to adopt them, the homeowner wanted him to take all of them as he wasn’t interested in keeping and caring for them, but his young daughter was not happy. Brian decided to wait until they were ready.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Sheppard

“I didn’t hear from the man, nor did I see Sophie for about a week.” He thought the family had decided to keep the kitties inside.

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