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A Cats Curiosity Can At Times Have Serious, Even Fur Raising Consequences

Cats, as we know are curious creatures. However, sometimes, as you will see this curiosity can lead to serious consequences.

We all know that cats make great pets, their independence, their curious nature being just some of their most endearing qualities. Sometimes these two qualities can lead to problems and or complications that can put a cat’s life in danger.

For instance, outdoor cats climbing trees or power lines, or chasing small animals into areas they cannot get themselves out of. Indoor cats can put themselves at risk too. There are stories of cats falling asleep in washing machines or dryers, and of small children putting cats at risk.

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Four tiny kittens quite literally glued together in a very life-threatening situation.

Clearly, in pain, they were determined to catch, if only to save his life!

Curiosity can be fatal! This cat puts his paw in a very dangerous place, placing himself in a very serious situation one night, not too long ago!

He put his paw into a live electrical socket!

The consequences of this cats actions were immediately obvious!

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