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Cat Dropped By An Eagle Is Finally Rescued

There are a lot of news stories out there at the moment about cats being rescued from tall structures of some sort. Whether they are trees, power poles or buildings. You could call them “Tall Tales,” well here’s one tall tale with a real difference.

A fire department in Ohio recently rescued a cat sitting atop of a 40-foot tree. There is nothing too unusual about that, as I mentioned we hear about cats being rescued from trees fairly regularly, what’s unusual is how she got there in the first place! A cat dropped in a tree?

Screenshot via YouTube/FOX 8 News Cleveland

According to her owner, Fluffy (yes that really is the cat’s name), didn’t come home one day, when she went looking for Fluffy she found her at the top of a tree. Thinking Fluffy would eventually come down on her own, she left her cat sitting in said tree.

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Stuck on the bridge for six days, she had given up on ever being rescued!

Quite literally glued together, with no way of escape, four kittens are in a very life-threatening situation.

When the cat didn’t come down after the third day, perched way up high, the owner called the fire department. By this time Fluffy must have been starving and was probably too exhausted to come down anyway.

Screenshot via YouTube/FOX 8 News Cleveland

This is the first cat-tree rescue performed by this local fire department, according to the fire chief most cats usually come down on their own when they get hungry. He thinks Fluffy was just too scared to come down, something terrifying had happened to her prior to her ending up in the tree.

The fire department’s theory is that the petrified feline was caught by a Hawk or Eagle while out exploring in the local woods, and while making its ascent into the air the bird of prey lost its hold on Fluffy, dropping her into the tree. I kid you not, that really is the theory!

Screenshot via YouTube/FOX 8 News Cleveland

It’s not “stuck up a tree,” as the saying goes, now its “dropped in a tree.”

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