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After He Went Missing They Were Devastated! Months Went By, Amazingly He Came Home, However, Twice His Normal Size!

When Clive went missing his owners were understandably devastated, after all, he was part of the family. They had to accept he may never come home!

Clive, a Norwegian Forest Cat, went missing in December 2014 leaving his family, Tanya and Jonathan Irons absolutely distraught. As days turned into weeks it became clear that Clive was probably never coming home. Or so they thought?

Along with their two-year-old daughter Elizabeth, Clive and Jonathan put up posters all over their local area, along with a Facebook appeal, but no trace of their cat was ever found.

Then over a year later staff at Kennelgate Pet Superstore Warehouse in Stapleford, Notts discovered evidence of a real-life cat burglar. Not a man or woman dressed all in black creeping about, but a cat, a cat stealing food in their warehouses.

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After their cat went missing, they couldn’t believe where they found him!

She had been living as a stray for over six years, then one day she saw her former owner.

They devised a cunning plan to trap this four-footed thief, they laid a trail of kitty kibble which lead to a basket hanging over a pressure pad. Once the pad was activated the basket would drop.

Hopefully leaving this particular cat burglar with no escape.

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