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11 Things We Do That Our Cats Wish We Wouldn’t Do!

We give out cats so much, and in return, they give us so much more. But let’s face it, between us and them there is somewhat of a language barrier. And from time to time we do things, without meaning it that may upset them.

Don’t worry nobody’s perfect and our cats are thankful very forgiving, however finding out what does upset them may set us up for a more harmonious relationship for all.

Following is a list of 11 things our felines just don’t like, if you are doing all 11 then well done you have a very happy cat. If not you have something to work with and just by implementing any of these things you are bound to get more purrs than you ever thought possible.

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Here are the 11 things we do that our cats don’t like

  1. Not giving them an appropriate place to use the bathroom

Cats are a little finicky when it comes to toilet time and where they like to go to the toilet. They really don’t like to share so if you have more than one cat more than one litter box is the way to go. Cat are very clean creatures too so the more your scoop poop the more they will appreciate what you are doing.

  • They don’t like loud noises

Banging crashing, yelling, shouting or any loud noises is definitely not the way to go to avoid them at all costs. Cats don’t like loud noises and are generally speaking very sensitive to them.

  • Laying down the law

You might have a very good reason for scolding your cat. Perhaps your cat did something you trained it not to do. But yelling at your cat or trying to force your cat to do something is only going to cause fear and confusion. So try to be gentle and reward good behavior instead of punishing not so good behavior.

  • Ignoring Strange Behavior

No one knows your cat as well as you do. So when your cat does something a little out of the ordinary take notice! Cats by their very nature try to disguise things like pain, so if you notice something untoward, do something about it.

  • Have access to water at all times
“8521848327_e314001487_b”by geek_girl! is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

It’s important that your cat has access to water at all times, we all need to stay hydrated and our cats are no exception to this rule. Perhaps your cat as a water bowl and it is not being used, the simple thing could be that your cat just does not like this water bowl. So try a new bowl!

  • Don’t tease your cat

Cats really don’t understand teasing, so any poking, prodding, pretty much any sudden movements of any kind are going to upset them. Your cat, for the most part, is gentle with you, so you need to be gentle with them.

  • Declawing them

This procedure, which is simply a convenience for owners, can wreak havoc on your cat. Animal lovers have become more aware that declawing is an actual bone amputation, not just a removal of the claw. It can cause your kitty long-term pain, as well as leave her feeling defenseless and more vulnerable. This can lead to increased aggression, and it really poses a problem for cats who end up outdoors with no defenses.

  • Dressing them up

Cats have strong instincts that give them lots of similarities to their wildcat ancestors – it’s one of the things we love about them! That’s why putting a “cute” outfit on your kitty will most likely make her agitated. Clothing can make cats feel restrained and hinder their agility, plus they don’t like being ogled or laughed at.

  • Ignoring their grooming needs
“Gertie, post-grooming”by Anita Dalton is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While your cat does a pretty good job grooming herself, sometimes she needs a hand. She may not like baths, nail trims, or getting brushed (or maybe she loves it!), but what she dislikes, even more, is being unkempt. Knotted hair can cause painful mats, long nails can snag, and fleas and ticks are no fun for anyone! Grooming is one exception where it’s worth doing something they may not love for the benefit of their overall wellbeing.

  • Not respecting their space

Every cat should have a “safe space” where he can retreat, whether it’s a room, a kennel, a perch, or a cardboard box. By respecting your kitty’s wishes when he wants to be alone, he will feel safe and loved. Cats should never be forced into interaction – it will only backfire.

  • Neglecting to give them enough attention

With the above point said, when your cat is ready for affection, make sure you receive her request with open arms! While they have a reputation for being independent, cats need love, just like we do! And remember: they may be able to occupy themselves all day, but there’s nothing like some one-on-one play with their favorite human.

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