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11 Signs You Have A Happy Cat, Check For These

Cats and Dogs are very different behavior wise, especially when expressing their emotions.

It’s easy to see when a dog is happy or excited, they wag there tails. Conversely, when they are sad or upset, they drag their tail, hang their heads, or, if they are recognizing dominance, they roll onto their backs.

Cats are another kettle of fish altogether, how do you know what your cat is feeling, how do you know when they are happy? Sometimes cats can seem a little aloof to some people, but if you look closely you can tell if your cat is happy.

Here are the 11 signs to look for in a happy cat:
  1. Your Cat Is Happy To See You

2. Your Cat Wants To Be Near You

3. Your Cat Has Its Eyes Half Closed When Receiving Affection

4. Your Cat Lies On Its Back With Its Paws In The Air

5. When Your Cat Lies On Its Back And Invites You To Pet It

To find out the next six click next below:

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