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10 Ways You Become A Better Person By Rescuing A Cat

Rescuing or adopting a homeless cat and giving it a new home his an act of pure love. When we take a cat off the street or rescue it from a shelter we know we are doing the right thing.

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Sometimes, as is the case of many shelter cats, the simple fact is their former owners can no longer take care of them. Or worse still, as is the case with many street cats, they have been abandoned.

Rescuing a cat is in some ways is an attempt to make our little slice of the world a better place. And by making our part of the world a better place it does, in fact, improve the world as a whole. If more people were as pure of heart as those who rescue cats, the changes for the better here in the United States, and around the world would be astounding.

Like children, each cat is a unique living being, coming with a personality all of its own. Rescuing a cat may not be on the same level as adopting a child into your home, but it does come with life-changing complications you need to prepare for.

Although many of us rescue a cat to change its life for the better, we need to prepare for the fact that rescuing a cat is going to improve your life for the better too. It is going to make you a better person, so to help make your decision easier please find 10 reasons for rescuing a cat below.

Top 10 Reasons To Rescue A Cat:
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You become a more compassionate person by rescuing a cat.

You may not realize it but by rescuing a cat you are going to improve its life almost instantaneously. Cats are smart, they know you have improved their lives. There is no comparison going from living on the street or in a shelter to living in a nice safe home. Most cats and dogs end up as fertilizer, this is what happens in most shelters in the United States. Not only have you made space for other cats in shelters, but you have also saved a life. When you pay them the money for your cat, you also allow the shelter to have more funds to save other animals. You are truly doing a great thing.

2.You will actually improve your own health through rescuing a cat.

Did you know living with a cat actually relaxes you? This may not sound like a big deal, but when you consider that relaxing actually means a reduced heart rate, which means reduced blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure means you are at a reduced risk of heart disease. Just by stroking a cat your brain is releasing endorphins into your bloodstream, helping you relax along with all the associated benefits that come with it. You are relaxing your cat too, helping it settle into its new home.

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Happiness increases with your new household companion.

There are more cats in households within the United States than there are dogs. This is a statistical fact, and there is a good reason for it too. Due to their independent nature cats are more low maintenance dogs. This tends to make the home more easy going and therefore happier. A cat’s playful antics are sure to put a smile on your face too.

Trust based on unconditional love

As cats are so self-sufficient, there is very little you need to do to take care of them. The bare basics are a clean litter tray if you have an indoor cat, food and water. What you get back in return for this is 10 fold, and completely unconditional. Your cat will sit on your lap and purr, rub itself against your legs in thanks, lick you and, if you allow it, sleep with you. The best part is when they express their love for you in completely unexpected moments and ways.

That was only the first 5 benefits to rescuing a cat, there are in fact 5 more:

You might improve your sleep routine.

If you struggle to get enough sleep because work and life has you on edge, rescuing a cat can change that for you. Cats sleep at least 15 hours a day. They know how to sleep well, because they are wired that way. When you bring your new best friend home, he will be very grateful to snooze in comfort, and he’ll want to do it near you. Many cats set up a routine to tuck you into bed. They know when it’s your bedtime, and they’ll help to set it for you. Before long, your adopted cat may have you tucked into bed at the same time every night. You can relax stroking their soft fur, and they’ll try to keep you warm at night. They’ll certainly wake you up at the same time in the morning, licking your face for breakfast. Some cats are experts at patting cheeks, and others lick noses or chew on eyelashes to be certain you are awake and on the move toward the food dish. An adopted cat might just help you set your sleep schedule once and for all.

You will become a gracious gift recipient.

We’ve all had those moments. They happen when someone gives you a gift which you find particularly inappropriate. You do the polite thing. You smile and warmly thank the person who gifted you. Well, cats have unique gifts to bring you, and you will need to be gracious. Adopted cats may have come from homes very different from yours. While you might live in the city, a small town, or a suburban area, your adopted cat may have lived on a farm. Farm cats are expected to serve as mousers. It’s their job to kill as many mice and rats they can. Of course, cats are hard-wired to catch prey. They think its perfectly normal to kill rodents. They will be very pleased to bring you a nice present of a dead one. They usually leave their gifts in the same place, so you will find it easily, and when they do, you will need to smile, thank them, and then figure out how to dispose of the messy gift they’ve given you.

You will become a great conversationalist.

Cats are vocal by nature. Depending on the breed, they talk a lot. Some breeds vocalize more than others. But all of them will let you know when they have strong opinions. Cats meow to their humans, but not to each other. They can demand that you listen to them and answer when they meow their loudest. You will answer them because they expect it. But, the other side of those loud demanding moments are the moments when you get to talk with your new cat, just because nobody else is there to carry on a conversation. Cats are great listeners, too. Just watch their ears. They will rotate them ever so slightly in your direction, and that’s when you know they understand what you are telling them.

You can be yourself.

Cats enjoy the same comforts you do. They enjoy curling up next to you, and will happily spend the entire day by you. You can sit in your pajamas or sweats all day long, and a cat won’t care. You can lounge in front of the TV for hours and your cat will keep you company. Cats don’t judge you, they just love you. It’s one of the great pleasures of having a cat companion, and it’s often those moments of just being yourself with your cat which help you to become more comfortable with just being yourself with humans.

You can age gracefully with your cat.

It doesn’t matter whether you rescue a kitten or an older cat, eventually, you will get to know each other well. You will age together as you get to know each other’s habits. You will give your kitty it’s favorite foods and give it plenty of attention. Your kitty will tuck you into bed or wake you up each morning. You will both know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to relax together. You will develop a familiar routine and become completely comfortable with each other. Sometimes, your cat will know you better than your closest friends do. You cat, unlike humans, will not care one bit if you look older.

You will notice the little details outside your window.

Because your rescued friend will spend plenty of time sitting on your window sills, you will become curious about what it is kitty sees outside. Putting your head at kitty level, and holding very still may result in some new sights. Your kitty may see a bird building a nest in your tree. She may see a squirrel or chipmunk scurrying across your yard. She might growl if an intruder cat, dog, or human, walks by. She might startle when trucks rumble by. She might see the first raindrops or snowflakes falling. She may see the moon or stars sparkling in the night sky. All these things you may catch along with her, and noticing the details will enrich your life.

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