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10 Every Day Struggles Only Cat Lovers Will Understand

Though we love our cats, I think we can all agree on one thing, at times they can be a little complicated.

More often than not doing the exact opposite of what we expect them to do! This is something only cat lovers really get.

Yes, cats are not as straight forward as dogs. With a dog, you pretty much understand where you’re at. Not so with a cat, but in reality is that is one of the things we love about them.

So in support of our beloved feline friends, in adoration of their amazing talents, celebrating their ability to be cute and adorable whilst at the same time incredibly annoying, read on.


Such as their weird routine of running wild at 3 AM when everybody in the house is already asleep. In today’s post, we compiled a few photos around the internet that depict some of the daily struggles of being a cat owner.

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1. Calisthenics
2. Oh! You don’t like my butt in your face?
3. Eyesight issues
4. Only at Hoover time!
5. Need to make the bed?
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